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Pool Builders and Contractors in Parkville

Designing a pool with endless possibilities is made easy with Hohne Pools website. People can design their own private swimming pools and choose the desired specifications on this site. On this site varied types of pool shapes, sizes and the other specifications in different pricing options can be chosen. After selection of the specifications Hohne Pools the best Pool Builders in Parkville can install the pool accordingly.

The essential options in pool designing offered by Pool Design Estimator are listed below:

• Pool Type- Pool Design Estimator offers Concrete, Vinyl and Fiberglass options in pool types. They can even design custom and Inground Pool in Parkville.
• Shape- The site offers two categories of shapes Geometric and Freedom shapes. For better visualization of the pool shape Pool Design Estimator offers rendering and realistic image options.
• Size- Pool size is a crucial element in deciding Pool Estimate in Parkville and for this they offer 6 sizes like 14ft.x28ft. 16ftx32ft, 16ft.x36ft. 18ft.x36ft. 20ft.x40ft. 20ft.x50ft.
• Concrete Decking- The concrete decking finishes offered are Brushed Fine Finish and Exposed Aggregate Finish. The concrete finish varies as per the square ft.
• Heater- In pool heaters there are two options that are Energy Ease Raypak Gas Heater and Aqua Comfort Heat Pump Heater.
• Diving Board- This Swimming Pool Builder in Parkville offers durable diving board options. The options are SR Smith Stainless Steel U-Shaped Stand, SR Smith Flyte Deck Fiberglass Stand and SR Smith Freestyle Fiberglass Stand.
• Sliding Board- Pool Design Estimator offers Duke Sliding Board, Wild Ride Sliding Board and X-Stream 2 Sliding Board.

Hohne Pools has been in the business for more than 60 years and is a renowned Pool Contractor Parkville known for their dedicated and high quality services.